At the beginning of a project, I meet with everyone involved to understand the objectives and to discuss hopes and ideas. I then work with my clients to organize and define the content. I provide detailed meeting notes, content maps, page counts, image and editorial guidelines, photo direction, and schedule and budget updates.


I explore a variety of solutions until I find the best way for the viewer to experience the subject matter, then present the most successful directions. The final design evolves from careful consideration of structure, typography, functionality, form and materials. Once a design is established, I create, evaluate and refine a prototype. The final design, in harmony with the content, is integral to telling a clear and beautiful story.


I am exceptionally organized and dedicated to creating a smooth production process. I work with website developers, printers and typesetters who are as meticulous about the details as I am. I define specifications, obtain estimates, and oversee prototypes, proofs and printing. I never miss a deadline.